Septic tank owners are falling into the sights of governmental regulators

New Fees and Rules Face U.S. Septic Tank Owners

Septic tank owners in California, Alabama, Florida and elsewhere are protesting proposed new rules and fees.

A 2000 law, newly-enforced in California, requires testing of water wells and streams. The testing will be paid by owners of nearby septic tanks. The Sonoma County Land Rights Coalition is one group organized to fight against the change. The California State Water Resources Board was forced to cancel a meeting in Santa Rosa in January, 2009, when the 400-seat auditorium filled to overflowing with angry landowners. The following month, over 1600 people showed up to voice their displeasure at the rules.

Meanwhile, rural residents of Jefferson County, Alabama, are upset at a proposal to tax septic tank owners. Advisers hired by the county have recommended a fee of $30 / month for septic tank owners who could hook up to city sewers but have not. More infuriating to some, the same advisers recommend a $20 / month fee for septic tank owners who cannot connect to the sewerage system because of distance or terraine.

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Caveat: Check with your local authority for regulations specific to your area.

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