Septic tank owners are falling into the sights of governmental regulators

(Page 2) New Fees and Rules Face U.S. Septic Tank Owners

In Central Florida (including Naples area) and perhaps the Florida Keys, the Florida Dept. of Health (Florida DOH) is considering a rule to require homeowners to install a new septic system when they sell their properties.  This would cost up to $10,000 per household. On Feb. 19, 2009, in the face of strong opposition the FDH delayed passage of the rule. On Feb. 24 a Realtor noted that the rule would require that septic tanks must be replaced within 18 months of a house sale, at a cost of up to $14,000. Buyers would be required to get a building permit for the septic tank before closing.

Numerous local authorities around the United States are believed to be studying tax-like fees to homeowners and requirements for regular septic tank maintenance. However, they are not always getting their way. In Idaho, lawmakers shut down new regulations for septic-tank drain fields because they feared it would hinder Idaho's economy, especially during a recession.

In Maryland, lawmakers in April, 2009, passed a measure to require homeowners within one thousand feet (300 meters) of tidal waterways to upgrade their septic systems. Upgrades are expected to cost about $12,000 per system, but money in the Maryland Bay Restoration Fund may be usable for the purpose.

As the nation moves toward more national water-quality and wastewater treatment standards, these types of governmental regulations and fees are likely to increase.

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Caveat: Check with your local authority for regulations specific to your area.

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