Egyptian Pyramid Waypoints for GPS Owners

My son Craig and I measured the precise latitude and longitude of the base of the great pyramid, directly below the entrance, using a Garmin GPSIII; April 20, 1998. Being a perfect square base, you can interpolate the apex. The datum is WGS 84.
N29 58.796
E31 08.034

South East corner
N 29 58.677
E031 08.117

Pyramid at Saqqrra
South middle base
N29 52.220
E31 13.001

Entrance to King Tut's tomb chamber
N25 44.428
E32 36.066

temple of Edfu
N24 58.641
E32 52.392

Medinet Habu (Ramese IV)
N25 43.092
E32 36.032

N25 17.108
E032 32.312

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