Honda Recalls and Warranties

As with any other manufacturer Honda offers repair on parts under warranties and recalls. In order to understand further just what might fall under warranties and recalls for Honda, letís take a closer look at the policies for Honda recalls and Honda warranties.

Honda warranties provide coverage for your vehicle for limited time, like 36 months or so. During this time frame, if you experience issues with your vehicle that are caused from factory related materials and/or workmanship, Honda will cover repair for these issues. After the 36-month period, or the given amount of warranty time period, you must pay for any repair for your vehicle, unless it is covered under hidden or secret warranties. Hidden or secret warranties are warranties that protect your vehicle from certain aspects, such as from polluting more than normal and corrosion. For example, an emissions warranty is usually considered a hidden or secret warranty, for it lasts generally for 10 years or 100,000 miles. Manufacturers strive to ensure that your vehicle will perform without polluting too much. Otherwise, under an emissions warranty, the manufacturer must pay to fix this issue. Although not all parts and components of your vehicle are covered under limited and hidden warranties / secret warranties, such as tires, a good portion of your vehicle is covered under these warranties. 

When dealing with auto recalls, Honda will notify you if your Honda vehicle falls under this category. In the event that your vehicle does fall under recall, Honda will cover the cost to repair the part or parts that are under the vehicle recall. For multiple varying reasons, Honda has had to recall vehicles. Since these recalls generate from factory-based issues or problems, Honda will fix the issue free of charge. Any additional problem with your vehicle will more than likely come out of your pocket expenses, unless covered under Honda waranties. With the aid of limited and hidden/secret warranties, you are able to enjoy driving your vehicle without worry of manufacturer-based damages and cost of repairs. In addition, if your vehicle is under recall, you do not have to stress over cost to repair the issue. Without warranties and recalls coverage from Honda, it would much more difficult to afford repairs, whether under warranty or recall. Therefore, it is beneficial to watch out for any recalls and attempt to get the best warranty policy possible for your vehicle, ensuring less financial burden on yourself. 

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