Dodge Recalls and Warranties

Many automobile manufactures supply warranties for their automobiles, along with this, these manufactures notify and deal with automobile recalls. In order to determine how Dodge deals with Dodge recalls and Dodge warranties, letís take a closer look at warranty and recall policies for Dodge. 

As with most other manufacturers, Dodge offers a limited warranty for its vehicles, which covers a comprehensive list of parts and components that may need repair due to factory-based materials and/or craftsmanship. Under these warranties, consumers may find that items, such as engine problems, may be fixed and covered by Dodge. However, certain parts, like batteries and tires, are not always included in this warranty coverage. With extended warranties and hidden warranties/secret warranties, you will find that other parts and components of your vehicle are covered. For instance, an emissions warranty usually lasts for 10 years or 100,000 miles. In addition to an emissions warranty, another hidden warranty/secret warranty is one that covers for corrosion. Some extended warranties do not cover items like corrosion; they do, however, allow you to extend your limited warranty for a longer period of time. Instead of 36 months, you may be able to have the warranty for another 12 months on top of the original 36, or it may be a mileage restriction, depending on Dodge and its stipulations for extended warranties. In any event, hidden waranties/secret waranties, along with limited and extended warranties, allow you to have your vehicle repaired. 

Often times, Dodge recalls occur for varying reasons. Although it may be difficult to determine when a vehicle recall will occur, it is safe to say that manufacturers, like Dodge, are willing to notify you, the consumer, about any recalls and take action to repair these issues. In some cases, Dodge recalls occur for malfunctioning lights. Other times, the issue may be more serious. However, Dodge makes sure to notify you and pay for any repair for your vehicle under recall. As with Dodge warranties, all repairs under recall are covered by the manufacturer. You, the consumer, must cover any other repair, not included with warranties, even hidden/secret warranties, or those repairs that are not under recall. Overall, with the aid of warranties and the fact that Dodge covers any repairs under recall, it is easier for you, the consumer, to enjoy driving your vehicle and not worry about auto repair and financial issues, unless the damage is not related to manufacturer defaults and issues. 

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