The Plumbers List, an electronic mailing list

Plumbers-L is an unmoderated open discussion list for all plumbers 
and plumbing contractors. We do not accept postings from 
do-it-yourselfers or "weekend warriors" seeking advice. There are 
other forums for that. The List also welcomes manufacturers and 
suppliers to join in an atmosphere of open, non-commercial 
communication. Plumbers-L is intended to be a forum for free-flowing 
conversation and shared experiences that benefit our trade and our 

Plumbers-L will only accept mail from subscribers and, of course, 
it's FREE. 

To join the list, send an e-mail message to: 

with the following command in the BODY of the e-mail: 
       SUBSCRIBE PLUMBERS-L followed by your real name 

List owner: (Kathy Love) 

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