Septic tanks need regular cleaning, pumping and maintenance to avoid septic tank problems.

Self-Cleaning Septic Tanks

Wouldn't It Be Nice!

You might not ever need to call a septic tank pumping company if you had a self cleaning septic tank. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. Once every few years, depending on the type of septic system, soil type and amount of usage, you will need to have a septic tank pumper come out and do the work.

You can extend the life of your septic tank system. By being careful about what you put in the septic system, you can extend its lifetime and help ensure that it operates in a sustainable, environmentally safe manner.

Whar are some examples of things that can harm your septic tank and leach field or mound? One is harsh cleaning chemicals that may unbalance the environment of micro-organisms in the septic system. These little guys actually decompose the wastes, and we want to keep them happy and healthy. Other chemicals that slow down or stop decomposition in septic tanks are pesticides, herbicides, cooking oils and grease. It is easy to flush chemicals down the toilet and think that they are gone, but when you have a septic system they are still on your property and can cause you expensive septic problems.

When you call your local septic tank pumping company, they will arrive in a pump truck with a tank of one to three thousand gallons capacity, more or less. The drivers are usually very may be poop t you, but it's their bread and butter! If you stay out of the way you are welcome to watch them work.

If you do not know the location of the septic tank, the driver can usually find it in a few minutes. He (r sometimes she) will open the lid and break up the scum layer on top. Then he will suck out almost all the liquid from the tank, leaving just a little to begin the biological process all over again. After the cleaning the driver will perform a general inspection of your system to make sure that the septic tank is still structurally sound, the visible pipes are intact, any vents are working properly, and that any pumps and motors are in good working condition. You should arrange for repair or replacement of any defects found, in order to avoid a quick failure of the septic system.

Cleaning a septic tank looks simple but it can be a dangerous job. Please keep children and pets way back, and no smoking because septic tanks give off flammable methane gas.

If the septic tank pumper is friendly and does a good job, not spilling liquid and not trampling your landscaping any more than necessary, they would very much appreciate a $5 or $10 tip. They work hard and receive very little recognition, and a tip is a big ego boost.

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