Conserving water is a sustainable practice that will prolong the life of your septic tank

How to Save Water in the Shower (and Keep Your Septic Tank Working Longer)

Reducing the amount of water that goes to your septic tank will lengthen its life, so water conservation is an important aspect of living with a septic system.

Here is Ben Nelson's brief video on how he has reduced the amount of water that he uses while showering in the morning.

Actually, Ben does not have a septic tank at his house. He lives close to a lake in Wisconsin, in an area not serviced by municipal sewer and with a high water table, so he has an accumulator tank that must be pumped when it fills. He reports that he and his wife each use less than 18 gallons (70 liters) of water per day, which includes toilet flushing, showers, dish washing, clothes washing...every bit of water that runs down the drain to his tank.

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Caveat: Check with your local authority before using any of these ideas.

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