Malls as Travel Destinations

Have you ever thought of a shopping mall as a travel destination?

The Mall of America has the largest indoor family amusement park in the nation. Malls are quickly becoming lead travel destinations throughout the US and Canada. Malls in cold weather environments are great locations for people to meet and interact with one another as they could not do so before. Top locations such as the Mall of America in Bloomington MN (in the suburbs of Minneapolis) are becoming travel meccas. The Mall of America has been the top location for travel destination for the website over this winter.

The Mall of America provides more than just a shopping environment. They have a well renowned aquarium called, Underwater Adventures. This is the world's largest underwater aquarium and features over 4,500 sea creatures.

Lego also provides an incredible experience for kids with 4 stories of lego toys and models including dinosaurs and astronauts. For more information on the Lego store at the Mall, visit Lego Attraction.

For NASCAR fans, there is an attraction called NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway. This is a simulated NASCAR race car. The car shakes and moves and simulates the exhilarating feel of a real NASCAR race.

Last but not least is the largest indoor family amusement park in the nation, 'The Park At MOA'. The rides and amusements include an incredible rollercoaster which glides through the mall. The Timberland Twister is rated as one of the top coasters in the US.

If you are looking to book a hotel stay near the Mall Of America, we recommend a travel website that provides all information including distances of hotels near the Mall of America.

The largest shopping mall honors goes to the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Alberta Canada. The mall is Alberta’s top tourist attraction. The enormity of the mall is difficult to take in. It covers 48 city blocks.

Large malls like the West Edmonton Mall have hundreds of fine stores for shopping.To see an interactive map of the mall, visit West Edmonton Mall Map.

You can interactively traverse through the mall itself.

There are two hotels in the mall, but for greater savings we recommend booking just outside the mall. There are many hotels to choose from. You will find some very good mall hotel deals.

Just like the Mall of America, the West Edmonton mall offers a wide array stores and attractions. Top attractions include the “World Waterpark” The waterpark has over 20 different rides/activities for adults and children. They keep the temperature at a balmy 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

For adults, the mall offers the Palace Casino. The casino offers a wide array of adult fun including restaurants and gaming.

Educational programs at the mall include Marine Life Education and Toddler Time. One of our favorites is also the ‘Center of Gravity’. This includes not only the largest bungee jump in the world, but a 70 foot swing and 300 foot zip line.

All said, traveling to a mall is not just a shopping experience anymore. Travelers should definitely consider a stay at one of these landmark malls.

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