Time Capsule at University of Texas

In about 2003 a time capsule was placed inside the concrete wall of a utility corridor on the campus of the University of Texas, in Austin, Texas, USA. It is to be opened in about 2103.

The capsule is a galvanized steel pipe, about 10 centimeters in diameter and 60 centimeters long. Its location is the west wall of a utility corridor serving the Blanton Museum of Art, which is located at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and Congress Avenue.

A brass plaque inside the corridor, behind some pipes and covered with a piece of Styrofoam, marks the location. The word "UP" is written on the Styrofoam. The capsule was deeply embedded in the concrete and steel during the corridor's construction, so it would not be easy to get out (at least with 2003 technology).

If you happen to be reading this before the year 2103, we invite you to create your own time capsule...but please do not disturb ours. If you are reading this in the year 2103 AD (2103 CE), why don't you head over to the University of Texas at Austin and tell them that you want to open up our time capsule! In it you will find photos and written text from University staff members, but nothing of monetary value.

Also, in general, there is a time capsule of some sort inside the cornerstones of University of Texas buildings. As of 2008, the last such time capsule installed was behind a plaque in the Pharmacy Building Addition.

Have fun!