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The Complete Bad Breath Treatment Page!

Your friends may not tell you if you have bad breath (bad breathe, halitosis, halotosis, halatosis, halatossis, hallatosis, or however you spell it), but you definitely want to know!

What Causes Bad Breath (Halitosis)?

The primary causes of bad breath originate in the oral cavity (mouth). Bacteria that live on the back of the tongue and on the gums between the teeth are the leading culprits. Other causes include tobacco products and some things that are eaten or drunk (garlic, alcohol).

The Good News

Most bad breath can be controlled with proper dental hygene.

Self Diagnosis

Many people check themselves for bad breath by breathing into their cupped hand, then quickly inhaling through the nose. This is actually pretty effective.

Another effective way to test yourself for halitosis to to use a tongue scraper, wait a few seconds, then sniff the scraper. If it doesn't smell nice, then your breath is likely to have the same problem.

You can also do the same procedure with dental floss.

If you visit your dentist or doctor:

Many patients find it somewhat embarrasing to discuss bad breath with a health care professional. They shouldn't, since your doctor and dentist run into this problem every day. 

Preventing Bad Breath

  • Thorough dental hygiene - brush at least twice a day, floss daily.
  • Use a tongue scraper

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