Language Camps for Youngsters

Language Camps Where Kids Can Learn Foreign Languages Including Spanish, French, German and Italian

Foreign language study is an important step toward becoming an educated citizen, and childhood is that time of life when language acquisition is most rapid. It is easiest to learn a foreign language when you are a child. (Most viewers of this website learned English as a foreign language when we were babies.) Here is a list of language camp facilities located in North and Central America that offer foreign-language instruction (in Spanish, French, German, English and several other languages) to children in a summer-camp setting.

Many universities recommend a semester or year abroad for their students. Many Americans abroad find teaching English as a foreign language to be financially and culturally rewarding. Cities in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America have dozens, hundreds of foreign language schools, with English receiving the most emphasis. Having learned at least one foreign language as a child is fine preparation for your child to teach English as a foreign language.

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Name Location Language(s) Contact Information
Academy By The Sea Carlsbad, California French, Spanish Web Site
Alliance Franšaise Summer Camp Georgetown Lake, Montana French
Web Site
Arc-En-Ciel Minneapolis, Minnesota? French 612-457-6778
Bowers Homestay Services Toronto, Canada area English Web Site
Camp Ouareau Quebec, Canada French and English Web Site
Camp Tekakwitha Maine French Web Site
Camp Wilvaken Quebec French / English (bilingual) Web Site
Casa Italiana Rochester, New York Italian Web Site
Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano Costa Rica Spanish? Web Site
Children's Arts Corner Lexington, Massachusetts French and Spanish Web Site
China Quest China / Ridgefield, NJ Chinese (includes travel within China) Web Site
Concordia Language Villages Minnesota (several sites) Chinese, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish Web Site
Crossing Borders Group Spring, Texas, USA English, French, Spanish Web Site
Ekocamp International Quebec, Canada French, English Web Site
EDPHY Quebec, Canada French 888-46-EDPHY
English Bay College Vancouver, Canada French, English Web Site
English Language Institute Faribault, Minnesota English 800-421-2724
Forester Instituto Internacional Costa Rica Spanish Web Site
French at Home / French at Camp Southwestern Michigan French Web Site
Intercultura Language and Cultural Center Costa Rica Spanish Web Site
International School of Indiana Indiana French, Spanish Web Site
IPEE Spanish Language School Costa Rica Spanish Web Site
Kansas Wesleyan University Language Camp Salina, Kansas French, German, Japanese, Spanish Web Site
Language Conservatory Dallas, Texas area Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and others Web Site
Language Learning Centers see description various, see description Web Site
Mijas Spanish Camp Edgewood, New Mexico Spanish Web Site
Millersville University Lancaster, Pennsylvania French, German, Spanish E-Mail
New School of Orlando Orlando, Florida German, Spanish 407-246-0556
Northside College Quebec French E-mail
Play With Words Atlanta, Georgia area French, Spanish Web Site
Saint John's Prep German Camp Collegeville, Minnesota German 320-363-3334
San Francisco State University San Francisco, California Esperanto Web Site
SpringBell Spanish School Merida, Yucatan, Mexico Spanish Web Site
Tachibana Japanese Language School San Francisco/San Jose, California Japanese
Teen Spanish camps (several) San Jose, Costa Rica Spanish Web Site
Wynchemna International Language Programmes Calgary, Alberta French, German, Spanish, English Web Site

Please click to see Additional Information on some of these camps.

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