Social Network Analysis - A Swopnet Page

An expert in the field is Karen Stephenson of UCLA's Anderson School of Management.

An article appeared on page 252 of the May 19, 1997, issue of Forbes magazine.

According to the article, Stephenson and Norwegian financier Svein Hana intend to create a shrink-wrap software package to do the analysis.

Some related terms are network graphing, hot spot, entrusted relationship, hub, gatekeeper, pulse taker, shadow organizational chart, network analysis and graph theory.

Some other significant persons are human resources specialist David Lewin, Herbert Furch of Austria's VA Tech, Allen Barnes of IBM, mathematician Frank Harary, Linton Freeman of University of California - Irvine and Thomas Allen of MIT.

Another expert in the field is Ralph Stacey, who wrote about the "shadow organization." Stacey's books include Managing the Unknowable (1992) and Complexity and Creativity in Organizations (1996).

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