This obituary was included in a letter written by Catharine Barnes to her sister Martha Abernathy Bell. The letter was posted from Cane, Alabama and postmarked on April 17, 1905 look really hard at the M.J. at first I thought it was M L Note the spelling of Catharine She signed her own name so I assume she knew how she wanted to spell it The letter is also written in pencil but is a bit faint and harder to read. From the way that the papers are folded - letter and obituary on the same paper - I assume that the obituary was mailed in the letter. I will transcribe the letter and scan it another day. The obituary reads: Obituary the subject of this article, to wit Elder M. J. Abernathy departed this life August the 5.1904 being about 93 yearse old and having been a faithful member of the primitive Baptist Church about 70 years, and having labord in the ministry for about 66 yearse and has bin here as long as the writer of this sketch can remember, and we feel that we speak the sentiments of the entire boddy of this association when we say that in all things he was faithful and ernest, contending for the faith once Delivered to the saints in all his long life, if there was ever a charge against him either in church or state the writer has no knowledge of it so we can say. As David did at the grave of Abner know ye that a great man is falen this day so we say to the sorrowing ones weep not Bro. Abernathy has gone home. Elder C. H. Davis Elder G. W. Berry Committee On the Elder C. H. Davis's name there is a crease that runs through the "H" is it a H or is it a ? Also, if this man died in 1904 and was 93 years old he was born around 1811.

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