Septic Tank PageRegular pumping and cleaning septic tank is a part of its care. Septic system tanks can be concrete, fiberglass or plastic.

Millions of people world-wide use a septic tank for onsite wastewater disposal, including about 25% of the homes in the United States. These articles tell the homeowner what they need to know about septic tank care, treatment, unpleasant smell or odor, septic tank cleaners and chemicals, and any other septic system problem that might exist. The information applies to houses with a plastic, fiberglass or concrete septic tank. Tank cleaning and pumping, and how often it should be performed, is examined, as is degradation and rejuvenation of leach fields. There is a do-it-yourself page also.



On-Site Wastewater Disposal Information:

star Bioaugmentation
do bacteria and enzymes actually fix a failed septic system tank? by John Lancaster

starDo-It-Yourself Septic Tank Repair PageSeptic tank operation and repair for the do-it-yourself er Page 2
if you have found a way to fix an unhealthy septic system, or if you are looking for a fix, check here

starLast Chance Septic Tank Repairnew
for the do-it-yourselfer with a strong stomach, a simple idea to keep septic system working forever without frequent pumping and cleaning septic tank

Septic Tank Maintenancenew
septic tank maintenance measures for to prevent problems

starSeptic Tank Additivesnew
septic tank additives are a low-cost treatment that may solve some septic tank problems

starSeptic Tank Problemsnew
septic tank problems and how to solve them before company comes to visit

starSeptic Tank Cleaningnew
septic tank cleaning, how it is done properly by the septic pumper guy

starSeptic Tank Treatmentnew
septic tank treatment chemicals, enzymes, bacteria, etc.

starSeptic Tank Repairnew
septic tank additives are a low-cost treatment that may solve some septic tank problems

starSeptic Tank Cleanernew
septic tank additives are a low-cost treatment that may solve some septic tank problems

starIdeas for New / Replacement Septic TanksSeptic Tank installation info to avoid odor and problems
before you install a new or replacement septic tank system, go over this list

Get to Know Your Septic Tank
article by Roger Machmeier, Ph.D., P.E., Professor Emeritus

Care and Feeding of Your Septic Tank
another article by expert Roger Machmeier on septic tank care

(News) Septic Tank Owners Face New Rules, Fees new
regulators applying new inspection and maintanance regulations, new fees

(Video) How to Save Water in the Showernew
an easy trick to save water, to keep your septic tank and leach field working longer

How to Fix a Frozen Septic Tank new
ice in the septic system is not your friend

Don't Poison Your Friends in the Septic Tank
if you treat them with respect, they will work for you

Guide to Mound Systems
mound systems are becoming more commonplace, here is what you need to know if you have one

Landscaping a Septic System Mound
flower beds, vegetable gardens, shrubs and trees on mound systems

Septic Tank Accidentsnew
an uncovered septic tank or cesspool is very dangerous

Four Septic Tank Tips
4 ways to keep septic tanks working properly

High Efficiency Toilets
they use only 1.28 gallons, they really flush well, and they help your septic tank last longer

Self-Cleaning Septic Tanks
is there such a thing?

How Sodium Contributes to Soil Failurenew
sodium buildup makes soils non-porous, causing septic field failure, by Mary Gayman

Septic Tanks and Sodium - A Brief Historynew
sodium binding in soil is often the culprit in leach field problems, and there is a remedy, by Mary Gayman

Septic Tank Factoidsnew
a brief explanation for those new to septic systems

Septic Tanks as Power Plantsnew
can your septic tank help heat and power your house?

Septic Tank Links
links to other web pages

star Guide to the Venhuizen Standard DSF Wastewater Reclamation System
a septic tank system featuring a denitrifying sand filter and drip irrigation, by David Venhuizen

Groundwater Quality Impacts of Alternative Management Practices
more septic-tank information from David Venhuizen

starIntermittent Sand Filters
an ancient solution to modern wastewater problems, by David Venhuizen

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