Computer Problems - How You Can Prevent and Solve Them

Is this how you feel at the computer?

We all get frustrated with software and computer problems and crashes. Especially Windows 95 and 98 users!

Some users do not realize that the solution to most computer problems can be found by searching the web. Whatever difficulty you are having with your computer, somebody else probably has had and solved. Just type some words describing the problem into a search engine and the solution is likely to be found.

For the best online results and optimum computer security, follow this common-sense advice:

You can find all these software packages online, most are free, and installing them is simple. There is no better time than now to begin safe surfing.

Read about Personal Firewalls and Virus Scanners for Protecting Your Computer.

Information on Virus Attacks on Mac and PCs.

For gamers, Video Gaming on PC Hardware compared to XBOX 360.

Wi-Fi is great, but here are 10 reasons to protect your wireless network.

If you are still experiencing computer rage, this page may help.

If you want to learn about the future of computing, here are some new technologies that you may be seeing on the marketplace soon:

And a technology that isn't too new, but is still cool, is the Blackberry at

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