Imprinted Promotional Products for Your Company

Big pharmaceutical companies spend millions on them.

Every political campaign buys them.

Anyone dealing directly with other businesses or with the public buys them as part of their advertising campaign.

And the best part is that it's advertising people keep, even cherish. They use it or see it every day. And you only pay for it once.

What is this magical advertising tool?

Promotional products imprinted with the name of your business!

Time has proven that with imprinted promotional products, your customers will to keep your name around where they'll see it every day, potentially dozens of times. Refrigerator magnets with critical information, for instance, are used to remind consumers about insurance agencies, banks, auto repair shops, and hundreds of other businesses.

But if you're selling business to business products, you want something your customer will be thinking about when they're buying your product. Refrigerator magnets won't do it. But something at your customer's desk will do it.

For example, a custom mouse pad. You can have beautiful, personalized mouse pads created that are perfect for your customers as well as your employees. Some ideas for perfect mouse pads include calendar mouse pads that have critical ordering and shipping dates and times, or period end dates marked. If you sell to chemical or medical professionals, a mouse pad that has the Periodic Table is great; for companies that have a high percentage of female employees, mouse pads listing perfect low-calorie foods might be nice. Or you can go for a beautiful and relaxing piece of art. The key to a perfect personalized mouse pad is that it must be attractive to your customer and at the same time appropriate for your business.

Mouse pads aren't the only ideal promotional product. The old standby, the logo pen, is always a great bet. No business office ever has enough pens around, and sending logo pens is the perfect way to keep you in your customer's mind, exactly where you want to be.

You can even develop special promotional pens listing special deals, or use them to offer discounts with a code. This guarantees your customer will keep that pen handy, and it makes it easier to track where your promotional pens are working as effective advertising tools.

But if you have a pen, you need something to write on. Everyone uses Post-It notes, and great personalized Post-It notes tend to stay on the desk. The best ones: those with a funny saying or cartoon on the front. And if you make certain your company phone number and address go on the Post-It, bosses can just stick them to purchase orders with a list of what they want for secretaries and assistants to fill out an easy way to order from your company!

Your last great personalized selling tool: smiling employees with custom uniforms. An employee with your logos on his hat, shirt, or jacket makes your company look world-class, and will let everyone know that your customer does business with you.

Do you want to look world-class?

Do you want to use the same tools the giant companies use to make sure they're first in their customers' minds when it comes to advertising?

Use your creativity, and give your customers tools they will use. You'll be remembered, and in a good way.